Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Too much time past since I regularly made entries to my Blog.

After moving most of my blog to a new site I must try to fill in the gaps.

Items I will Catch up on over the next couple weeks.

Jeannie and her illness. ( HER BLOG ) aug 03 -Present

John Being Activated - Training and being Deployed - DEC '05

Disability Insurance Fiasco - Calling up some heavy hitters and getting results SEP 05

Answer to Prayer - Men's Retreat August 05

Will and his successes at school, at home at church and in Scouting 2005-06

Amanda and her successes in School, Scholarships, Leadership Roles,
Drama Tech, Explorers trip to Gatlinburg TN , the Alpharetta City Youth Council, and the YMCA Youth Council. 2005 -06

Andrew learning some tough lessons, but doing GREAT! 2005

Will and I auditioned for It's A Wonderful Life, a play at ACT ! theater, Alpharetta, Community Theater. We both got cast in the play. NOV -DEC '05

The Patriot II - Winners again!!! in the Pinewood Derby 2006- Pack 459 - JAN 2006

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