Saturday, February 04, 2006

Not My Day - Plans go Awry

My plan - Sleep In - Oh Boy !!
One day a week, Saturday, I might get a chance to sleep in and get caught up.

After sending Will to bed, multiple times he crawls back and proceeds to kick at me all night long. Then at a little after 6 am I hear this commotion going on in his room.

Sleeping in was not going to happen, maybe next week, but I'm not holding my breath.

Jeannie got a nice new heavy foam tempur -pedic type mattress she uses to help her joints.

After getting up and breakfast I made me obligatory Saturday TO DO list.

You'd think after all thede yrears I'd stop doing that. Mother used to make lists like crazy for years and that's pretty much how she managed the Allen Family life in Buford, at Lairdcliffe and Jekyll, Jacksonville, Glen St Mary.and Alpharetta.
I took that practice over in High School, in College, Navy and in my work and personal life.

I did have a practice, for a while, when I'd sit down and make my list. I attacked the first item at the top of the list, then promptly threw the list in the trash can.

Of course, after a while, I felt guily of not accomplishing much, and started making lists again.

I sat down after the first cup of coffee and made my TO DO list, and got side tracked helping Will get his room in order. That was two 1/2 hours ago and I have done nothing on my list other than start the first load of Laundry for the day.

I want to 1) work on the Flagpole before it gets too cold and 2) go to the store 3) clean the carport and 4) clean the kitchen.

We'll see what I get done. One other thing is to retreat to this Blog and get it caught up with
item from the previous post. WOW ! DID YOU NOTICE that I made a list there on those items I want to complete in the blog???


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