Sunday, February 05, 2006

Jeannies' Blog

I thought about going into more specifics about the battle Jeannie has been waging with her complicated illnesses and the treatment of all the side effects.

It is difficult to explain the roller coaster ride she has been on with this over the last 5-4 yrs.

She has been unable to work at her profession since August 2003. Sometime last year she started keeping a journal and a blog.
He insight into this is amazing. She is so studious and curious about all this. I couldn't keep it all straight.

Interested?? Her blog is : !

Jeannie's Blog
This is where I write about my daily life. I suddenly found time to do this when my body started a peculiar trip through myriad auto-immune dysfunctions. No longer able to work or do most 'normal' things, I've searched for other outlets. My auto-immune dysfunctions started somewhere in early 2002, with a subtle cough and odd chest pain. Not much, just a nuisance. But then it grew. It's much more than a nuisance now. Anyway I'm grateful for this free outlet for me write whatever I want.

Her Diagnoses :

Rheumatiod Arthritis ("Deep Connective Tissue" REMICADE
Sarcoidosis (Stage III ) ( Lungs )
Costochondritis ( Lungs )
Auto Immune Deficiency
Diabetes ( Post medically prolonged use of medicine {cortico-steroid})
On Oxygen at night and portable

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