Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Clarification - Originally Posted Mar 22, 2005

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Clarification _When I posed the previous question ( Does anyone really care? ) it relates to the overall purpose and intent of this BLOG.My original intent was to somehow provide a window or a door for my children and loved ones to learn who I am, who I was and what influences played various parts in shaping me. I do not do this to be arrogant nor to be boastful, but to be open and in so doing answer quastions that may not be asked. To date, I have received comments from my wife, my father and a good friend.That's okay.There is much more to share and, for now, time will provide the opportunities to post more until, someday,there is no more time. then the questions will rise and the answers, some of them will be here.I have had my brother, Vic, on my heart lately. He was so very unique. He was deeply passionate about many things. I have often wondered, in recent years, about all the things I did not know about him. We were separated by distance, for years, and there were voids. ( late '70s, the 1980s and early 90s). As a result of these voids in time, he didn't know things of me, likewise, I knew little of his adult life. We reconnected the last few years of his life.I relive our carefree youth, adolesent, teen years. His memory is frozen in time. His passion isburned into my soul. His pain, agony and restoration is on my mind and in my heart.To me, he was and is forever young. I really miss him and sadly there were things about about him that I do not know. His daughters deserve to know what I know. I hope and pray that I can open some windows and doors for them as well.
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