Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Originally Posted - 11/30/05

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I am Back -
Many things have happened that have kept me from my Blog.Work and the day to day things, for sure, but battling one of the the power giant Insurance Companies trying to terminate Jeannies disability has taken a toll on any discretionary time.I've had some responsibility challenges and opportunities at work that took some adjustment time. To get caught up I'll high light the activities of theFamily one at a time.Amanda First.Amanda and Will entered a film festival competition sponsered through the YMCA. It was GREAT and they kept it a big secret. There were 9 groups that developed scripts and made an independent movie. There were judges and everything. They won several awards. There were 9 awards and they won 7 categories.Best Director., Best Actor, Best Teamwork, Most Thought Provoking, and Best Picture. The Movie was titled "WILL'S STORY".Amanda works so hard and does so well with her activities. She was elected to the City of Alpharetta Youth Council. Her Law Enforcement Explorer Post 919 held elections and she was elected Captain for the post. They have monthly details serving the community and the city.She continues to work on her Karate - SOO BAHK DO. Drama Club ( technician behind the scenes this year).She went to No GA College for Open House and it looks like she'll be joining the Corp of Cadetsafter graduation from Milton High in May.She was awarded a Leadership scholarship for her community service through the Leadership Essay and work with the Youth Council at the YMCA> Scientific Atlanta provided the funds for the $ 1000 scholarship.All this and still maintains an A average in her Senior Year. Some of these classes are college level courses for which she'll get credit.
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