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Wednesday, November 25, 2009The Unforgettables and Other True FablesOrder Your Copy by December 31!

Everyone who cares deeply about pointing dogs, upland game and field trials will want copies of Bill Allen’s The Unforgettables and Other True Fables.

The collection includes the original seven Unforgettable, five later showpieces, and work never before publicly published, penned by the writer who competed in and wrote of trials in four decades, and for the American Field during the 50’s, 60’s and 70’a—a period regarded by many as the premiere years for Field Trials held on wild upland game in North America.

The Unforgettables deliver a panoramic and hilarious taste of untold yarns from Saskatchewan and Manitoba to Georgia’s live oaks, Texas’ pecan groves, Mississippi’s vast river bottoms, Illinois’ Egypt, Indiana’s Dunes and the Blue Ridge.

Allen has been called “the incomparable reporter” by his editor, Bernard Matthys. Collier Smith once said “you can smell the horse sweat and almost hear a hassling dog” when you read Bill Allen.

Funny, touching, revealing as well as daring, the prose in this volume has a style and flavor that truly cannot be imitated and never surpassed in its love and respect for what Allen calls “the forgotten little dog, so often eclipsed by human egos”.

In this volume, the author leans heavily on the feeble efforts of men to match the heroics of their canine charges. He lays bare his own ineptitude and “learning curve” along with accurate accounts of his own errors alongside the triumphs of his friends.

A fond critic once said of Allen reporting a trial that “if there was no appreciable drama, he would craft one for the report that rivaled Shakespeare, Chekhov and Arthur Miller....”

In this volume, there is mostly farce and hilarity and no dark matching of conflicting adversaries. Like Walt Kelly’s Pogo, Allen has seen the circus and it is us.


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