Friday, February 17, 2006

Pictures of John and USMC

I thought I would post a few pictures of John here as he departs the states for Kuwait and IRAQ.

My PC has been down a few days along with my e-mail. Iwas going to do this earlier and dedicate an entire posting to each of the children. Most of the children are grown and adults. Sounds awkward referring to them as my young adults. So, children, don't be offended. Make a suggestion as to what word I might use to refer to you all collectively.
Taken 01/02/06 - night before John left for Quantico,VA
Will, John and Andrew, Alpharetta, Ga
John just called a few minutes ago from JFK in New York ( He asked me for Katie's phone number to call her before he boarded. ) He left Camp Pendleton this morning on his way across
to the Middle East. He'll be away for 7 -8 months or so.

His blog is:

Interesting site for a duty station. Check out the following:

Here are some photos:

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