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BILL ALLEN - Cato Depot 1/20/ 2010

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Wednesday, January 20, 2010
Free At Last !!! The People's Seat....

As a young journalist and speech writer, I was in the midst of the earliest temporizing around the issue of segregation and voting rights in the south.

I sat with my friend Hughes Spalding Jr., on the platform when his Harvard roommate John F. Kennedy announced his presidential candidacy in historic Warm Springs, Georgia in 1960.

Thus, it was with pride that I sobbed audibly and welcomed the tears that ran down my cheeks when Dr. King spoke that day in front of the Lincoln Memorial.

Then, MLK was assassinated and a nightmare unfolded. The worst of it was the imprisonment of 14% of the population of the United States on a political plantation of hatred, fear, envy and dissimulated demagogy.

Dr. King cried “Free at Last !!!”

But, despite the fact that mainly Christians stood with Dr. King and conservatives like Charlton Heston walked across the Pettus bridge in Selma, Alabama in defiance with him, the lunatic Left in this country has skillfully equated reason and traditionalism with “racism” to the extent that truly great minds like Dr. Thomas Sowell and Dr. Walter Williams are called “Uncle Toms” by ignorant sheeple.

Such has been the case in many precincts. In Massachusetts, for instance, where the vapid, puppet-like, maundering wastrel younger brother of JFK took the US senate seat he vacated, and was returned for 40 years, for love of Jack Kennedy.

Few remember that a great African American Edward Brooke, was subsequently elected to the senate in 1966. He was a Republican and served for two terms.

On Tuesday, January 19, the second Historic “Tea Party” was held in the Bay State, and the “Scott Heard Around The World” became the first Republican senator there since Brooke.

Scott Brown won the election with four words, when he corrected the vacuous and notorious air head David Gergen, who referred to the prize as “Ted Kennedy’s seat”.

“It’s The People’s Seat”, Scott Brown said.

And that was , for all purposes, the end of the campaign.

The people put their seal on Scott Brown’s statement, and wile maybe 30 % of America’s electorate missed it, and its significance, the thrill quicken the hearts of millions, and not just in Massachusetts.

There is very little outside of vicious thuggery and fraud that the Marxists and Left ideologues can do between now and November, but grumble and mutter about Tea Parties.

The handy word “racist” is tattered and trash. Massachusetts is where the farmers took up arms and chased the redcoats from bloody Breed;’a Hill.

Massachusetts is where the Abolition Movement began.

Massachusetts is where the Civil Rights movement found its most charismatic white Christian leadership, its funding and white martyrs.

And, Massachusetts shouts for all the world to hear today:

“Free at Last, Oh Great God ! Free at last !”
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