Monday, January 26, 2009

Work - Out of Control

Changes are necessary --- sometimes.

The economy and demand for products and services often drive the decision making process, that, to a great degree impact the lives of owners, managers, support staff and employees as a whole.

Changes are necessary - and the future in uncertain.

It is probably time to seek opportunities and take risks that otherwise would watch
time march on.

When in bondage, so to speak, it is difficult to step out and take risks. Too often, humans,in this bondage, sell them selves too short and settle for less. Frustration sets in, Expectations fall short and all get stuck in the mudd and mire.

Wanting to do the right thing, but second guessing everything is a place I find myself. Searching for the significance and purpose that has in recent years eluded me.

I am tired and I am emotionally spent. Frazzled and Frantic. I Need a break. Looking for that do-over ( I have written about this before.) There is no turning back the clock. There is Now- and there is whatever lies ahead.

Much going on, on different fronts = trying to sort it all out.
Taking one day at a time and trying to do the next right thing without getting overwhelmed.

I am thinking I need to get to Al Anon and turn this over and get out of the way.
I am not in control.

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