Friday, September 07, 2007


My Way

I think of two people when I hear and see this -
Victor, my Brother and my Dad - Bill who lives his life, his way
Both of these men were and are full of Passion and Heart-filled conviction of
their beliefs and their intimate relationship with their Maker.

I have more to share with you about Vic.

Yesterday, Pavarotti died of Pancreatic Cancer. He was one of Vic's favorites.
He would sing opera along with Pavarotti. He actually had a great voice and
appreciated beautiful music.

One true thing about Pavarotti, you don't havce to be a big Opera fan to appreciate the greatness and the magnificance of such exellence, effort and committment.

I offer a case in point, Nessun Dorma first sung by Paul Potts . ( a car phone salesman)

Stay tuned for Mr. Potts in a future posting here. You will be amazed.
To me, to experience it, is a thing of absolute beauty. I cry deeply inside thinking of it now.
So humble, so meek yet so POWERFUL.

I want to think that Vic is standing next to Luciano Pavarotti now belting out some opera ditty.

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