Monday, September 17, 2007

A Great Take Away

I had the honor and privilege to attend the Memorial Service this past Saturday
for a fine young man. He was the son of David and Melanie Patton. He was a soldier, a warrior
and one of our finest.

The Patriot Guards were there in great number. It was a wonderful service and awe inspiring.
The Major General Jerome Johnson shared some fine words and gave a message that everyone should hear and come tro understand.

I wish I had a transcript of his words. He added so much to the service.

Spc Christopher Gabriel Patton, was a great American and his love for his Family, Friends and
his Country was evident, everywhere.

The Procession seemed to go on for miles. Hundreds of people expressing their love and
paying respect.

His cousin, Eli Foster, gave the Tribute and a Message that will stick with me forever.
He mentioned four characteristics of our fallen hero.
Loving Kindness

This was the take away for me, aside being among those that understand that Freedom is not Free, and that there ARE those that are willing to serve and sacrifice their lives in defense of what they believe in.

Praise GOD for men and women that act on their calling. Thank GOD for their families that raise such warriors.

I believe lives were changed on Saturday.

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