Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Answers to Prayers

Today I am trying to get in tune with listening and recognizing answers to Prayers.

It seems to always work better when I am tuned in.

I know Gods has a plan- I trust that.
It's difficult sometimes to recognize the difference between God's will and forcing my own solutions and dwelling on wishful thinking.

Just because I wish it, doesn't make it so. It's the trusting God and getting out of the way
that seems to work best for all people in my life -

Recently, I have been re-introduced to friends in my distant past that I really cared about. I am grateful to be able to reunite with them- share lifes stories and remember times past.
I accept this opportunity as a gift and as an answer to a prayer- God knows my needs, my desires and my heart.

What is God preparing me for?

Counting the blessings, taking nothing for granted.
Doing the next right thing. Asking for forgiveness for ALL my screwups and selfishness.

Prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi ( look it up) I'll get it and post it here in a few days.


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