Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Christmas in February !!!

My Christmas present arrived today!! Jeannie ordered it several month ago, but it hadn't been released.

I happen to be a fan of NYPD Blue - ... I like the characters and the reality of it.. the drama ...
The third season was just released ,and I got the boxed set of DVDs as a present.

You might ask why, NYPD Blue - it is simple... I relate to the different characters in some way...

Dennis Franz character, Andy Sipowicz , is a tough, hard, and hurt man. He is also a loyal and faithful friend, he is deeply passionate and basically good at the core in the search of what is r i g h t . That's why I like him, he is flawed and he is real. No Pretense. One of my favorite characters. OH, by the way, another favorite character of mine is Barney Fife, same characteristics with a Mayberry twist. Hmm?? New York City / Mayberry, NC. How "bout that?

That's food for thought. Those are the kinds of friends I'd like to have.

I heard not too long ago that in life there are many people that cross our paths and enter our livers for a time. The report stated that women make more close friendships that tend to last longer. But, for us guys friends grow on you over time, and most fall away. The report also said that men over an average life time only has a handful of very close friends.

I feel fortunate in that I know I have my small handful of such friends.
Characteristics of Loyalty, Acceptance, Unconditional Love, Forgiveness, Available and Accountable.

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Jeannie said...

I'm so glad the DVDs finally came. Now that I read your blog I have a new appreciation for the series. Anytime a character can be likened to Barney Fife, you've got my attention! Ok, I get it now. I love you. Jeannie