Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Barney is Gone

"There Once Was a Deputy Named Fife"
There once was a deputy called Fife,
Who carried a gun and a knife.
The gun was all dusty,
And his knife was all rusty,
Because he never caught a crook in his life.
(Poem written on the bank wall in Mayberry)

Less than a week ago I wrote a little about Barney Fife and really meant it.

We are all better off in this life for having known Barney.

I remember back in the black and white tv days on the "Man in the Street" bit on Steve Allen late Tonight Show. There was the hi-society "snooty" Louis Nye and his debonair "Hi Ho Steverino!" There was the forgetful Tom Poston and the nervous twitching Don Knotts. When he was asked "Are you nervous?" his reply was a quick hi pitched "Nope".

Barney is immortal. A treasure. Thankfully we have syndication and TV LAND.
I think I'll go find a bullett and keep it in a safe place just for Deputy Fife.

Thanks, Barn.

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