Tuesday, January 24, 2006

First Post

First Post 2/21/05
This is my first blog entry.My Dad (Bill ) http://catodepot.blogspot.com/ and my wife, Jeannie, http://jeanniemalinda.blogspot.com/ have been posting very interesting articles and keeping a journal on their own blogs for some time. I think it is time I join in and begin keeping a journal of sorts when the mood hits me.It will be my intent to post certain statements, muses, thoughts and items that would be deemed "important" to share with family and friends.I hope it will in some way serve as a door, at least a window, into who I am and what things I find significant. Perhaps, my children will gain some knowledge they hesitate to ask me about.I trust this will be a safe place and a place to be respected and remembered.

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